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Clean & Sanitize for Healthy Environments
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces to reduce the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. Trust Brite and Clean Inc's SANITIZING division to help keep your home, office and auto sanitary and safe.
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3 Factors that set Brite & Clean Sanitizing Services apart:

1. Brite & Clean Sanitizing division was built upon 30 years of superior customer service delivered to residential and commercial clients throughout the Coachella valley and into the Inland Empire/Pass area.

2. We have developed all-natural sanitizing and disinfecting products that remove viruses and germs without dangerous chemicals and bleach that can be very problematic to those with sensitivities to chemicals, or people that simply don't like unnecessary chemical exposure.

3. Finally, we treat your High Touch Objects (HTOs) with a protective coating that continues to provide bacterial-resistant properties to door knobs, light switches, handles, countertops, smart phones and much more, for the next 30 days.

Your family's health is important to our family. Call us for a free consultation.

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Homes, Condos & BnBs

Protect yourself, family and friends who live in, visit or rent your property with thorough surface sanitization services.

Restaurants, Offices & HOAs

Protect your customers, employees and residents with surface sanitization services.

Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Semis, Rvs

Drive healthy where ever you travel, whether to the store, around town, across the state or nation-wide.
Whether is getting back to work at the office, getting back to socializing in your home or favorite restaurant, protecting customers and workers or trying to get back to "normal", let Brite & Clean Sanitizing division provide the protection and peace of mind you need. We all live and work in a world filled with germs, viruses and bacteria, commonly referred to as human microbial pathogens. According to published findings of Dr. Jay Glasel, a structural biochemistry scientist, these pathogens can be spread person-to-person via sneezes and coughs, especially during peak flu seasons in areas with concentrated human presence like schools, HOAs and office buildings. But actually, this is a very inefficient way of transferring disease compared with another source.

A much more efficient and common way is the transfer of human microbial pathogens to a surface or material that is touched by many other individuals, known as highly touched objects (HTOs), in the course of their daily lives and allow each individual’s touch-to-mouth or touch-to-hand-to-mouth practice to spread infections.

Since viable common pathogens can persist on surfaces for times ranging from two hours to more than four years, typical efforts to respond to these conditions include professional cleaning in an attempt to control or eliminate the spread of human microbial pathogens like germs, viruses and bacteria.

A consistent commitment of daily and weekly activities like cleaning and sanitizing are required to keep you and your family, customers, staff and residents living and working areas that are clean, safe and sanitary.

How effective are your efforts?

Many people believe they are doing a good job at this because they hire a cleaning crew or do the cleaning yourself. But how can you really know that your surfaces are both clean and sanitary?

Now, you can know that your cleaning and sanitizing efforts are both effective and affordable by utilizing the self-sanitizing and verification technology delivered by PureActive™.

Utilizing a patented green cleaning and sanitizing technology like hypochlolrous acid, we clean and sanitize hard surfaces like tables, arm rests, bathroom fixtures and door knobs, followed by using an EPA approved disinfectant ensuring efficient killing of bacteria.

Next,a long-lasting, light-activated ,self-sanitizing TiO2 coating technology called PureLife™ is applied to high touch objects (HTOs) which constantly sanitizes surfaces when exposed to light, reducing some of the ongoing expense of paid staff to perform these necessary tasks, while offering ongoing self-sanitation protection to help reduce the spread of human microbial pathogens.

Finally, using a proven analytic technology that measures the precise presence of adenosine triphospate (ATP), a residue left by biological pathogens like germs, viruses and bacteria, letting you know if your particular high touch objects and surfaces are both clean and sanitary.

Armed with this scientific knowledge, you can rest assured knowing you care enough about the health and well being of your family, staff and residents that you have investigated and found solutions to help reduce the spread of germs, viruses and disease within your home, office or public common areas. Know that you are winning the war against the spread of germs and disease in your community where you live, work and play, don't just hope you are.

We're on duty!

Germs, viruses and bacteria never take a day off. They grow and spread if left unchecked. Daily cleaning and sanitizing efforts can be both expensive and difficult to maintain and administer.

It’s a good thing PureLife™ anti-bacterial technology never takes the day off either. It is regularly on guard, actively sanitizing surfaces when UV light is present. It’s almost like having cleaning staff on duty during the day, without paying for wages, overtime, insurance or unemployment benefits. Plus, with our sanitary verification program, you can know that surfaces are sanitary. We offer proof, not just promises.

Reduced risk of exposure to germs, viruses and bacteria can save both time and money by reducing lost productivity due to sick days, as well as reducing liability to building owners and managers by reducing the risks posed to tenants, residents and staff caused by unchecked exposure to germs, viruses and bacteria.

Trust Brite & Clean's™ Sanitization divisionto protect your friends, family, staff and residents from the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Be proactive when it comes to providing a healthy and productive living and working. Be proactive verifying that you are getting the clean and sanitary highly touched objects you are paying cleaning crews for.

Let's get back to work!

Let's get back to socializing!

Let's get back to more recreational life!




Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services

Trust Brite & Clean to help get your business back up and running or help you keep your family, friends, employees and customers and safe.

COVID-19 rapid response team.
Monthly Service
Keep you property consistently clean and sanitary.
Naturally Derived Products Hypochlorous Acid and Titanium Dioxide round out our highly-effective all-natural arsenal.
Testing and Verification
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) swabs test for removal of biological contaminates

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From our office located in the heart of Rancho Mirage, we serve the entire Coachella valley as well as the Inland Empire/Pass Area. Is your property properly cleaned and sanitized? Call us for a free estimate.

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