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Safe for Humans. Deadly for Pathogens.

Brite & Clean's SANITIZE & PROTECT Home and Office division utilizes a TRIPLE ATTACK TECHNOLOGY™ the is based on the Science of Disinfection. Unlike most companies providing fogging services, our mission to 'Hunt and Destroy' pathogens like CORONAVIRUS is about OXIDIZING the positively charged RNA shell of the virus to destroy it.

Brite & Clean's SANITIZE & PROTECT Home and Office division employs three of the four common oxidizing agents available (not UVC light, as it requires close proximity and time exposure). The fact is, in order to achieve an ATTRACTION at a molecular, the oxidants need to have a NEGATIVE IONIC CHARGE - opposite to the positive RNA - so they are attracted, not repelled.

CORONAVIRUS, BACTERIA and SPORES all hold a positive charge. Our TRIPLE ATTACK TECHNOLOGY blasts all three oxidation agents with a NEGATIVE charge.

Using BI-POLAR IONIZATION, we add 30 million NEGATIVE IONS (OH-) to our aerosolized jetstream to 'Hunt and Destroy' airborne pathogens. What chance does a pathogen have against millions of negative ions?

Next we aerosolize NEGATIVELY CHARGED nano-droplets of hypochlorous acid with a chlorine molecule so small you cannot see them, but the right size to have an effective 'attraction' to the positively charged virus, whether it be suspended in SPACE or on a SURFACE.

Finally, using the legal limit of <0.05 ppm of OZONE, our aerosolized jetstream adds these super-charged negative molecules into the SPACE of the room to 'Hunt and Destroy' every pathogen in the room - destroying viruses and bacteria alike.

Our goal is: 
PREVENT and PROTECT, People from Pathogens.

Our method is: 
To disinfect all the air and every surface in every room in which people gather for social interaction.

In other words, we want to DESTROY contagious pathogens which, unchecked, could infect and kill people.

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From our office located in the heart of Rancho Mirage, we serve the entire Coachella valley as well as the Inland Empire/Pass Area. Is your property properly cleaned and sanitized? Call us for a free estimate.

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