Sanitize and Protect yourself, family and friends who live and socialize in the most important place of refuge ... where ever it may be.

You've made it through lockdowns and runs to the grocery store and are doing everything possible to help protect yourself and your loved ones:
Hand sanitizersCheck.
Safe surface disinfectingWell....
Safe airborne space disinfectingHuh?

The C.D.C. has finally acknowledged that the CORONAVIRUS is an airborne pathogen, in addition to being a rare surface-borne pathogen. This means you need to 'Hunt and Destroy' the virus both on surfaces and in the air. Effectively and Safely.

You need the experts at Brite & Clean's SANITIZE and PROTECT division to finally provide you the peace-of-mind you need in this difficult time of COVID-19 infections and transmission.

We are 'HUNTING & DESTROYING'  viruses ON  your Surfaces and FLOATING IN  the Space inside your home, Here's how:

Trust our safe and effective 'Triple Attack Technology' to disinfect, sanitize and protect your home base and all that's inside your walls. 

Next, rely on the persistently protecting TiO2 coating for the surfaces of your Frequently Touched Objects (FTOs) inside your home like tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, etc. Apply PureActive once every six months for persistent peace-of-mind.

Finally, prove it to yourself that you are protected and sanitary with our included Surface Sanitation Verification program that shows you the scientific level of clean on your surfaces by detecting the presence of contaminates utilizing adenosine triphosphate residue (ATP).

Brite & Clean's™ SANITIZE and PROTECT division provides a regular repeating service to help keep you protected with our revolutionary FOG BLASTER™ bi-polar electrostatic fogger to treat surfaces and space inside your Home yourself WHENEVER you want or need, saving you money on professional service calls.